Tournesol “sunflower”

When three of biggest driving forces on the London scene get together to play, you know it’s going to be great; but when they come together for an intensive recording session, of original music, jazz history is made.
This drumless trio, consisting of alto saxophone (Seb Pipe), piano (Will Butterworth) and double bass (Marcus Penrose), has produced an album of incredible depth and delicate beauty. All three players have contributed their own compositions and brought them together in to a coherent and indulgent album, representative of the vibrant British jazz scene.
Seb Pipe is at the top of his game, with a rich modern tone and fluid melodic lines. There is also some wonderful interplay between Pipe and Butterworth, at times lending an almost classical, contrapuntal feel to the music. Penrose brings the double bass right in to the melodic mix, with some inventive and exciting solos and counter melodies, giving the whole album a sense of freedom and lightness.

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